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Vikas Pota is a globally respected leader and driving force in the education, international development, philanthropy and technology sectors. His achievements include creating global awareness of the importance of education and specifically about the centrality of teachers and their profession.

Being a believer of a multi-stakeholder approach, Vikas has often brought together new voices and perspectives to further the agenda of a quality education for all. He has interviewed leading figures such as Heads of Government and political leaders, popular celebrities from the arts, media and sports sectors, and business leaders. 

As the former Chief Executive of the Varkey Foundation, Vikas launched the Global Teacher Prize to improve the status of the teaching profession, a cause he continues to champion.

Vikas also serves on the following boards:

  • Ambassador, Careers Enterprise Company,
  • Member, Advisory Board, DQ Institute
  • Member, UCL Institute of Education Advocacy Network
  • Member, Advisory Council for Africa, Teach for All
  • Member, Advisory Board, Educate Girls!
  • Member, Jury, Rybakov Prize
  • Trustee, Artists in Residence

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Armand Doucet 


Armand Doucet MSM, M.Ed. is a multi-award winning educator, best-selling author and one of the world's most recognized teachers. He is a sought-after global leader and speaker whose only goal is to leave the world in a better place for his 3 young children.

Koen Timmers

Koen Timmers is a computer science teacher in a Belgian school, but has also created Project Kakuma, an initiative in which more than 500 global educators teach African refugees via Skype. This began when he started to teach refugee students via Skype himself, finding sponsors to host the calls and even sending his own equipment to the refugee camp. He also founded the largest educational website in Belgium.

Nadia Lopez

Nadia Lopez is the Founding Principal of Mott Hall Bridges Academy in New York City, where she is showing the world how underprivileged communities can beat the odds and create positive institutions that have a global impact.

Ramya Venkatraman

Ramya Venkatraman is the Founder & CEO of the Center for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) in India, which has the purpose of empowering teachers and catalysing their professional development, through an assessment and certification service that connects outstanding teachers and teacher candidates to great opportunities, by being well-aligned with what schools and others look for. 

David Edwards

David Edwards PhD is General Secretary of Brussels headquartered Education International, a federation of 32 million teachers and other educators affiliated with unions and associations in 173 countries globally. Prior to joining EI, Edwards was an Associate Director at the National Education Association of the United States. He has worked as an Education Specialist at the Organization of American States and began his career as a public high school teacher in the US.

Esteban Bullrich


Esteban Bullrich is a Senator in Argentina and a former Minister of Education. Senator Bullrich is a champion of teachers.  He is an accomplished author and has argued that teachers should be at the core of policy making for public education systems. 

Marjorie Brown

Marjorie Brown is a former human rights activist, teaching history to girls in South Africa and encouraging critical thinking and global citizenship. Her students have gone onto represent South Africa at youth forums, the Paris Climate Talks, and various Ivy League universities. She started and still leads the Kids Lit in SA programme, devoted to improving children’s literacy in what is still a very unequal society.

Francis Jim Tuscano

Francis Jim Tuscano is an internationally recognised and awarded Filipino teacher. Jim is passionate about designing transformative learning experiences in the classroom. He is currently the Chairperson for the Grade School Religious and Values Education Department and the Head Education Technology Coach of Xavier School. 

Temitope Ifegbesan

Temitope Ifegbesan is a primary school teacher in a low-income community in Nigeria. Temitope was a semi-finalist in the Active Citizenship in Education Award and aspires to establish schools in rural communities across Africa. She is passionate about women’s empowerment and started an initiative called EmpowerHer as a way of creating change, and she also aspires to establish vocational training centers for women across Africa.

Vijita Patel

Vijita Patel is the Principal of a special needs school for children aged 2 to 19 in London, UK. The school is a designated National Teaching School, leading a large alliance of schools, organisations, and higher education partners to drive systemic improvements in the school system for pupils with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities. She is a co-author of the National ‘SEND Review Guide’, developed to place ownership of strategic solutions directly with teachers and school leaders as a capacity building model for continuing professional development.

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